Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Andi B's Logo work in progress...

Logo work in progress for my Sister's friends Blog and Home Cooked Meal Business:

Monday, 8 December 2014

Van Coke Kartel - Here Man - Animated Music Video

Animated on a music video for Van Coke Kartel for their song Here Man with my buddies Ameen and Dwayne and its been released today: LINK

A big thank you to the band: Wynand, Francois, Jedd and Dylan, Alan and the VCK team you guys Rock. Thanks for the opportunity to animate this 2D animated vid for you guys and last but not least.....Here man dis lekker om jou hier te sien!

Friday, 5 December 2014

Van Coke Kartel - Here Man - Coming Soon...

Van Coke Kartel's Animated music video for their song "Here Man" I have been working on with my buddies Dwayne and Ameen is going to be released December 9th...


Promo Posters below by Lauren Badenhorst

F*k F*kkity F*k Production Stuff

So before production could start Keenan and I pitched character designs to Zander:

 Zander digged Keenan's Design's and this look defined the style of the short.
From here Keenan and I brainstormed gags and ideas as thumbnails.

And to make sure I stayed on model stylistically Keenan did the neat story boarding:

 From here we submitted an animatic and moved onto animating in Toon Boom.
Keenan painted the backgrounds and I edited shots into Premiere for the final export.